Top 5 Amazing Android Apps

Top 5 Amazing Android Apps

Apps provide you a wide range of features which enhances the way you use your mobile. There are many apps available on the Internet for download. Some of them are free, and some are paid. In the big world of apps, it is difficult to choose the best ones which would be very beneficial for you. In this list, there are five amazing Android Apps which I think you won’t want to miss.


 Android has a great feature of showing notifications of what is happening in our Android apps. You observe the android notifications daily, it can be a message or it can be a new update from any app. Whatever is the matter happening with the apps the notification service would notify you.

But then what is the use of Notif app if android is there for doing all kind of stuff. The answer is that the android system just shows you notifications related to your installed applications. By using Notif app, you can create your own notifications. For example, if you take medicines at night and sometimes forget to take it then by using this app you can set a notification for night time which will show you to take medicine at your notification tab when you swipe it down. It will help you to remember a lot of things and hence is a very useful app for your app.

Universal Copy

The copy and paste is something we do to save our time but we are unable to copy texts from some platforms like YouTube and Instagram descriptions. The Universal Copy app solves out this problem.

You can use this app for copying texts from anywhere in your mobile. It is a very useful application for your Android device and plus point for the application is that it’s very lightweight.


IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. It is a free app available on Google play store and Appstore. This is a very advanced application which enables users to create a working link or path between apps. It means that you can set up commands on your phone like if you post a picture on Facebook then that photo would automatically be saved in your Google Drive. You can also set command like when you start a game then data connection would become off.

Using IFTTT you do these types of many things on your phone and therefore it makes a spot on this list. It is an amazing app which would surely save your precious time and enhance the usage of the phone.


If you do international travel many times and international call rates have deserted your pocket or wallet then you should have been looking for some cheaper ways. Skype can be used for this purpose but now it is outdated.

Ringo has awesome features which would surely help you to reduce your expenses by calling rates. The first thing in Ringo is that it is very convenient because the person you are calling doesn’t need to install this app. The second thing, when you call with this app the international call rate would be same as you pay for your local call. It would convert an international call to local call and hence will save your money.

Unified Remote

Have you ever thought of controlling your PC on your Android device? Whatever is your answer, the Unified Remote app can definitely do this for you and this app is available free on the play store or Appstore for download.

It can support various programs like UNIX, Windows, Linux, and Mac. It needs a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to remotely control your PC.

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