Get Rid of Muscle Pain through Pain Relief Liniment

One wouldn’t be wrong in considering muscular pain a daily hassle. Today’s extensive use of technology, lack of time, and the hectic style of living has allowed muscular troubles to make a frequent occurrence. They are most commonly caused by overuse of a particular muscle, minor injury, wrong posture, and increased stress levels. Muscle pain can also be a result of some diseases or infection; and in such cases, individual experiences pain all over the body. The intensity of the pain may vary from very negligible to severe.

One of the most common and ancient ways of treating muscle pain is massaging liniment oils on to the affected area. This practice of healing the muscles and relieving the pain with the help of liniments dates back to over 5000 years. The practice was first discussed in the written texts of Chinese (2700 BCE), and Egyptian (2500 BCE) civilizations. The discipline flourished in India during 1500-500 BCE, and continues till date.

Liniment oils heal the muscles, offer pain relief and relaxation without showing adverse effects on the body. People have an ignorant and a dubious attitude towards the long term benefits of treating muscle pain with the help of liniment oils. Due to the fast pace of living, individuals tend to resort to painkillers as a means to attain instant relief from muscle pains while turning a blind eye to the long term negative effects of painkillers. The most commonly known side effect of painkillers is kidney failure. However, the list does not end here. Extensive use of painkillers can adversely affect the lungs causing breathing problems, lead to liver malfunction, induce gastro-intestinal troubles such as constipation, stomach ulcers, nausea, bloating and abdominal distention, lastly, it puts the individual at a greater risk of cardiovascular death.

Muscle pain relief liniment oils can either be cool or warm in effect. Warmth producing liniment oils work by generating heat in the muscle of the applied area. The warmth reduces swelling by easing the blood flow in the affected area. Liniment oils that include oils such as clove oil, black seed oil, and cinnamon oil assist normal blood circulation thereby reducing stiffness and allowing easy movement. Liniment oils that produce cooling effect are generally used to soothe inflamed muscles. One of the ingredients commonly found in such liniment oils is menthol which is largely responsible for the cooling effect of the liniment oil. One must be careful in identifying the type of pain they experience and select the liniment oil accordingly. One of the major advantages of herbal liniment oils is that their intensity can be regulated by adding carrier oils (such as coconut oil, mustard oil, and sesame seed oil) to suit the individual’s skin type.

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