Cisco Firewall on Windows Dedicated Servers

Cisco Firewall on Windows Dedicated Servers

While including a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall on a server that already kept running without it, you should re-delineate site IP addresses. At the point when the firewall is introduced, it acquires the server’s open IP addresses. The server keeps running on private IP delivers and conveys to the outside through the firewall. Private IP tends to begin at and ensuring locations are made by incrementally expanding the last octet:,, and so forth.

The firewall is in charge of statically making an interpretation of open IP delivers to private IP addresses. For instance, a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall added to a server with open IP tends to and acquires these addresses and makes an interpretation of them to private IP tends to and, individually. This procedure is known as Network Address Translation (NAT).

Why You Need Cisco Firewall

The most important function of a firewall is securing your data and Cisco firewall is too good in it. You must be wondering why. The most annoying thing you must experience every day must be slow down or crashes due to cyber attacks. By using Cisco firewall you will be completely safe from any type of cyber attacks and the staff will be time to time updating you on things that have been blocked.

With Cisco Firewalls any endeavored assault will be hindered before it achieves your site, to guarantee all day and night accessibility, each day of the year. Because of the VPN include, you will likewise have up to 750 virtual private systems for security associations from any area. Whatever the movement necessities of your application, the firewall will shield it from hacking attempts, with firewall setup performed straightforwardly.


  1. Virtual Private Networks can safely interface branch workplaces of an organization or individual workstations. By likewise scrambling information going over open systems, it is secured as though you were without anyone else private neighborhood. By empowering a firewall, you instantly have up to 750 local VPNs running on Cisco ASA innovation accessible to you.
  2. It is more capable than a product firewall, the Cisco ASA can’t be incapacitated by human mistake or malware.


  • Application Inspection: control application, support of voice and video conventions
  • Interruption Prevention: ongoing security against assaults from DOS applications, identification and separating of worms and infections in arrange movement, the location of spyware, adware, and malware
  • Securing IPCom: Advanced examination of voice conventions, particular IP marks
  • Oversee up to 450 Mbps of activity (through ASA5520)

Your Control Over Server

A dedicated firewall implies will set up your own, individual firewall on your server. It may be utilized by your server; it won’t be imparted to any other individual.

And in addition, giving additional security, it likewise gives you full control over your firewall security arrangement. You can set it up to meet your association’s security arrangements, and refresh or change your firewall setup at whatever point you like. It likewise implies you can safely set up VPN association with your server.

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