Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10

Best Photo Viewers for Windows 10

Windows 10 has Photos app as default image viewer but it lacks some features and for that, there are a lot of third-party alternatives available. If you are dissatisfied with the results of default photo viewer of your PC then go through the full article to find out the best photo viewer alternatives for your Windows 10 PC.


If you are searching for a photo viewer which will support almost all images format then the XnView Photo Viewer is the correct choice. It can support a very wide range of file format, more than 500 formats. This application proves to be a very good alternative to Windows 10 default photo viewer.

It allows you to view images in many ways and there is a special way of viewing images in XnView is Slideshow with FX option. In this app, you can also do some basic editing and compare. It has one more feature by which you can find the duplicate images.


DIMIN Viewer n5 is a photo viewer which has many advanced features and it can support a very wide range of image formats. It can also support EXIF, IPTC, Geo TIFF, Fluoview TIFF and many more metadata formats. It also has the ability to support RAW file format of Digital Camera.

Besides supporting a wide range of image formats, it comes loaded with some additional things like:

Navigation Pane by which we can see images and also browse through files and folder at the same time.

Catching Toolbar which we can see on the top of an image. Along with Previous and Next Button, it has many tools by which we can edit, rotate, print, change display size, zoom, etc.

Image Info Tab is also available below the navigation pane. It displays description and information related to the photo.

WildBit Viewer

The most beautiful feature of WildBit Photo Viewer is its speed, it’s very lightweight application and very suitable for Windows 10. It can support all the basic image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

There are more amazing features available in WildBit Viewer than just viewing images. It has a feature enabled by which you can compare two photos side by side on the screen. It also has a feature for creating image slideshows with 176 different slideshow transition effects.

Google Picasa

The most stable, fast, cool and classy photo viewer app is Google Picasa. Many of you have heard about it and it is now available for all new windows versions including Windows 10. Picasa surely has a very bold and fashionable look. It is also lightweight and works very fast. The Picasa was previously a web service by which the users could upload their images, but this feature has now been closed but still, the app runs fine.

It is very easy to use, Picasa has some of its own amazing features like file organizer and you can also edit images or can make picture collages with it. It is a very good alternative to default photo viewers.


If you are looking for a more lightweight photo viewing app than Nomacs is a very good option. It can support a wide range of file formats and is capable of viewing .psd files also. It features semi-transparent widgets that display information related to pictures. It can also provide some basic editing options.

It is an open source program and free for private and commercial use. You can use it as an alternative to Windows Photo Viewer or any other default apps.

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