Android Platform - Great for Developers and Users

Android Platform – Great for Developers and Users

The growth of Android has been remarkable.  Most of the Android users prefer to use the Android system for its simplicity. Especially in the download section. Moreover, developers too have fancied the use of the Android platform. This may be attributed to the fact that, with the use of Android Platform, they are able to develop apps and games at a faster rate and with great ease.

A recent research showed that the Android platform is currently being used in more than 190 countries globally. Moreover, the Android system boast of being the largest installed base on most of the mobile devices that are currently being used. Some of the benefits of the use of the Android platform to both the developers and the users include:

 Android Platform Facilitate an Easy Distribution of Applications

The premium marketplace for the distribution and the selling of most of the Android Application is the Google Play. The best thing about the Google Play market store is that it’s an open space that gives you that liberty to totally control the sale of your products. With the Google play, Most Android developers monetize their application in an easy way. Moreover, they are given the leeway to publish and input any additional information and content in a way that they will seem deem.

Android Apps are Easily Deployed.

This is probably the main reason why there is more Android application being used in most of the Mobile devices. To publish an Android Application on Google store will cause you less and the fast processing time for your application may expertise earning and marketing of your products. That’s has been contrary to other Mobile Application. First, with Apple, there will be the bureaucratic procedures that will slow down the publishing of your Application. Though some of the mobile developers attribute that Most Android Application is susceptible to risks. I don’t think so. But the fast deployment time of the Application benefits the developers and the users. The users get to have a wide range of services form where they can choose from

Android Platform is Easy To use.

Most mobile developers prefer to use the Android platform since their platform is easy to use one. To download and store an Android Application is a quite easy task. Other Applications like the Microsoft and Apple have an Unfriendly Interface. Moreover downloading Apps from the Application will come by with allot of stringent conditions. This can be well explained with the analogy of the Nokia Manufacturing phone Company. Previously the Nokia Smartphones were using the Microsoft Application on their mobile devices. It was just a daunting task for most of the mobile users to use their mobile phones. With the Introduction of an easy to use Android Platform, most users migrated to the using Android. This lead to the death of the Nokia Phone Manufacturing Company. Its resurrection currently has been marked with them shifting to the manufacture of Mobile phones use Android.

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